Splinter Cell: Conviction Developer Interview

Q: Could you introduce yourself and explain your role in the project?

I'm Mathieu Ferland, the senior producer on Conviction. My role is to support the producer and development teams with all high level issues they may encounter. I also closely monitor the Splinter Cell brand evolution, especially since Conviction is based on new core game play innovations and new setup.

Q: Have you developed a special engine for Splinter Cell: Conviction?

MF: Yes and no. Many modules of the engine needed to be redesigned in order to support this new core game play. Since the Engine developed for SCCT was already proposing many next gen features, and because Splinter Cell engine evolved so much through years of experience, we wanted to maintain these knowledge and be more productive.

Q: Did this technology bring specific challenges to the team? Which ones?

MF: To develop a dynamic environment that results in a new innovative game play, we needed to develop and merge many concepts.
Physic : the majority of objects are interactive and are part of the physic simulation. It's a huge challenge in term of processing power using one of three core of the Xbox 360 processor only for these computations.

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drtysouf214742d ago

a great game. And why do i keep losing bubbles i never say anything rude or fanboyish look at all my comments!

Bubbles 4 My Troubles


Systematrix4742d ago

for this game...I think I just wet my pants. Not again.

ben hates you4742d ago

bubbles system is depressing at times i had six bubbles along time ago havent lost any or gained any, but i like this new style game will be up there with the first and third instalment of splinter cell

power of Green 4742d ago

Despite you owning many consoles you seem to lean heavily to PS. Just my opinion.

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