3 Million iPhones at Launch?

Contrary to previous reports that iPhones will be scarce at launch on June 29th, magazine BusinessWeek reports that their Apple sources insist the company has 3-million iPhones boxed and ready to sell on the fateful day. So far as IGN can remember, such a copious supply of hardware would dwarf the initial shipment of every even vaguely comparable high-tech release. Though no components in the iPhone are thought to be terribly difficult to manufacture, assembly lines will have had to be in full swing for months to have produced so many units, a rather implausible supposition if rumor that Apple programmers are still furiously tweaking the iPhone's browser and firmware is true.

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MK_Red4743d ago

Wow, if thats true, then Apple has a lot of confidence in iPhone. That thing is really great but far too expensive.