20 New Heavy Rain Screenshots

PSNow! has published 20 new screenshots of Heavy Rain, the exclusive game of Quantic Dream for PlayStation 3.

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Lord_Ranos3619d ago

Hey bots thats what TRUE HD is only on the PS3.

3619d ago
TheTeam063619d ago

They have trouble separating a game with gorgeous graphics from a movie. If they ever get a game of this quality, they'd probably ask if it's rated R...

You see, a PS3 owner like me can already tell between the two. After games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2, graphics that are unmatched is just another PS3 exclusive.

Bungie3619d ago

nice movie

i have to watch it on youtube

Aquarius3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Plus the best bit about this game is that they are so many outcomes to the story.

Let us not forget, GOW III here. Minds will be blown, jaws will be dropped... A normal symptom a PS3 exclusive does to you ;)

nix3619d ago

ha ha... i won't be surprised, bungie. since you guys are used to watching 640p graphics, youtube is just the right place. just don't watch it in HD mode, it might make you feel bad.

Shang-Long3619d ago

nice movie

i have to watch it on youtube

hate much??

TheTeam063619d ago

Look at comment 1.4.... that's EXACTLY what I mean.

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Dutch Boogie3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Heavy Rain already looks to have the best in-game graphics in 2010. This game will be full of adventure with a twisted story that will grip you in and never let go. I love games like this and that is the reason why i'm only buying Alan Wake for the 360 in 2010. Like i keep saying "M$ never had a chance". There will always be a ps3 game that outshines the rest.

I can see it now, "Best graphics of 2010 goes to=Heavy Rain" and "GOTY 2010 goes to=GOW3/The Last Guardian".

nix3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

unless the media decides NOT to give it to Sony. We know this year, they can't run away.. no one with a sane head will give their GOTY awards to other games apart from UC2.

i think the best part was MW2 not getting the VGA awards. that was a total shock to me and many others.

i want to see gaming industry move ahead. not back. thank god we have company like Sony who knows what's best for us, gamers.

Dutch Boogie3619d ago

I agree. Sony continues to improve and deliver on their games and all those haters can do is neglect them. Sony will always be the #1 company that pushes gaming to new height. When i look at other companies and their platforms games i just think "Meh i've seen that and better".

nix3619d ago

ha ha.. so true. i've been so used to playing games with great graphics that i just don't even give 3rd party games a second look. i've been badly pampered. q:

but am willing to step down to play GOW I/II collection. lol.

Shane Kim3619d ago

And Sony does this every year and every gen. Not even big 3rd party developers (except for Kojima) can match Sony's internal studios. To think of all the great games Sony has pounded out over the years is just breathtaking.


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thereapersson3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

That HAS to be CG. It just HAS to be!

This is one step closer to the "uncanny valley" as it's so eloquently been put once before

nix3619d ago

darn!!! they are freaking awesome!!!


3619d ago
Lifendz3619d ago

Holy crap that looks like what I expected the PS4/Xbox 720 to produce. I'm telling you guys, the PS3 has what it takes to go until 2017 and still produce impressive games. I don't see myself buying a new console for a good while. Not when PS3 is doing this and it's only going to get better.

vasilisk3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Everything you see is in game. It just looks THAT good. I've played it in gamescom this summer, both demos. When I started playing I thought I was watching cgi cutseens and when the choices of what to do next appeared on screen, my jaw literally dropped...

The above picture for example is pure gameplay and I've played it. It's just UNBELIEVABLY good. Gameplay-wise the game sucks you in it's world, I couldn't stop playing just to see what happens next. I also played each demo twice, doing things different each time and the story unfolded differently with each playthrough. The whole experience was as compelling as it gets and I just couldn't believe the graphics.
You have to see it to believe it, easily one of my most anticipated games of 2010

DarkMantrid3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Anyone else think he looks alot like Daniel Craig?

lociefer3619d ago

i urge you guyz to play fahrenheit (indigo prophecy) i finished it some weeks ago and all i can say is wow, if heavy rain is anything like it, then its game of the century, and cmoon, we already know that goty 09 will b either this or gow3, its a win win for ps3 owners, oh and also u guyz should import the uk version, the boxart is just genuis

rezenu3619d ago

Those graphics are incredible. I'm still thinking it's CGI myself. Can't wait for this game.

nycredude3619d ago

I think it is time for Heavey Rain media blackout.

pixelsword3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

are you saying that GoW will be so good that it causes a rift in the space-time continuum and wins GotY for this year?


sikbeta3619d ago

This game will be HUGE, I can't wait...

zeeshan3619d ago

I am still trying to find my jaw that dropped the moment I saw those pics. Now THAT is Quality (only on PS3)

Hanif-8763619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I'm definitely gonna get this masterpiece thats only possible on the Playstation 3. Also, this game even puts Uncharted 2 to shame. The PS3 only raises the bar every time you think it can't any higher...i'm proud to be a PS3 owner :)

Leon_Blu3619d ago

This game looks amazing

lovestospoodge3619d ago

If he had to look like anyone I would say Stephen Baldwin from the Usual Suspects


Chubear3619d ago

If I had only 60bucks to spend of gaming in February, why on earth would I give my money to a game that's a copy n' paste of a last gen game instead of this game that's a new IP trying to push gaming boundries for my entertainment.

Something is seriously messed up with the gaming community if we support the likes of Dante's Inferno over Heavy Rain. It is impossible to believe anyone would be stupid enough to DI over Heavy Rain.

Now if you have enough money for HR and DI and others for the month then that's all good but if you can only purchase one game in February, as a PS3 gamer, I don't understand how it can't be Heavy Rain.

Support developers that are trying to bring us more varied, diverse experiences that hopefully bring us even much better new gaming in the future not copy n' paste rehashes.

Drebin 9283619d ago

because I this is the first game I've seen that seems to of finally gotten it right with the in-game graphics. Just take a look at some of the closer shots with Ethan, wow. Bravo QD, your attention to detail is really impressive.

ico923619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

the 2nd screen looks absolutley beautiful

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3619d ago
Antan3619d ago

No better video game representation of a human face (or faces) than this. I just hope to god the frame rate is locked down.