Video Games Don't Do Characterization

"Video games have their own emotional vocabulary, their own language. Maybe they just don't do character." A look at characterization in videogames by Writer Austin Grossman who has lent his talents to over a dozen games, including System Shock, Deus Ex and Tomb Raider: Legend.

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timmyp534783d ago

he needs to get into different genre of games and a lot of games have very good characters and emotion.

Diselage4783d ago

I've wondered this before, because some times it seems that something in a game makes sense but only if something else was left out. Like they started and added something and never revised their story.

Rybnik4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

Its because, till now the technology wasn't there in all genres to create believable emotive characters, that is finally changing..although we have not seen it quite yet, we will soon. The pic for Heavy Rain proves my point will prolly be one of the first games to really do these things (hopefully in a believable manner).

CrazzyMan4783d ago

That what i can see and say for sure.
moreover, suare developer said, that in FFXIII you will be moving not 3d model, but a real creature.
Just Fantastic. =)

p.s. give my bubbles back! =)

Kokoro4783d ago

i want to connect to a character just like i do in some movies

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