The Cloning Clyde Interview

Who is Clyde? What is Clyde? Why do you want to get this next Wednesday? Designer John Neilson gives us the skinny.

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Top 10 Early Xbox 360 Live Arcade Games

Revisiting the dawn of downloadables. Xbox 360 changed the way console gamers get their fix by introducing Xbox Live Arcade games to the mainstream. Sure, the original Xbox had a rudimentary online store that was launched via a mail-order disc, but Xbox 360 made it easy by integrating a Marketplace into the user interface. Believe it or not, its decade anniversary is this year and I made this list to celebrate.

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NinjaBee Bundle Launched on Xbox Live Arcade

Hardcore Gamer: NinjaBee Bundle gives you five games for 1600 MS Points – down from 3600 for the games separately. The included games are A World of Keflings, Band of Bugs, Ancients of Ooga, Cloning Clyde, and Outpost Kaloki X.

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TheReviewcast-The State of Games Episode 1

Welcome to The State of Games Episode 1. The first in an interview series getting deep into the gaming industry at large.
This week we discuss Xbox Live Arcade and the current issues with a new dashboard and more.

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