Ask Miller About Fallout 3!

When Game Informer announced that Fallout 3 was on the cover of Game Informer Magazine's July Issue, the internets went wild. There's only one person outside of Bethesda that's actually seen the game, and that's Game Informer Magazine's Associate Editor Matt Miller. There's probably a billion things you want to know about the game, and Miller has the answers. Well, some of them, anyway.

So let him have it.

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MK_Red4807d ago

I hope people dont flood his mailbox with questions about Realtime/Turn-based, FPS/Iso and such.
The important things are soul and feel of the game. The RPG depth and character tools/customization. Is there character creation like Fallout1/2? Will it be the adult themed game with violence, curing and mature humor and elements?

Captain Tuttle4806d ago

Will SPECIAL be implemented correctly? Will the mature Themes continue? Will it be "dumbed down"? Dialog trees etc.? These are the guts of the game. The teaser video showed that they're trying to re-create the atmosphere of the it's onto gameplay.