Shocking Fallout MMO Concept Art Released

Interplay has released another piece of concept art from their Fallout MMO, "Project V13." This one's a little more ambiguous than some of the previous pictures they've released.

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Akagi3627d ago

Funny color of green... What's he doing?

-Seven-3627d ago

Looks like slimer from ghost busters escaped in the fall out world : )

Rumor3627d ago



Limited_Vertigo3627d ago

Hmm, so if/when this happens will it actually be a TRUE Fallout game?

EvilCackle3627d ago

Depends how the lawsuit turns out. I'm curious if they'll keep developing it if they in fact lose the rights to making a Fallout MMO.

NecrumSlavery3627d ago

Yeah this is some bulldookie.

Interplay sold the Fallout rights, Bethesda is making an MMO.
Now Interplay is making an MMO too. This spells nothing but disaster.

But I'm not an MMO junkie anyway. As cool as any of this is. I just want Fallout New Vegas or Fallout 4 to have some Borderlands-like Co-op. Unless, Fallout MMO can hit the PS3/360...Then I'll give it a go.

Braska3627d ago

I hope Interplay wins, this would be awesome.

Polluted3627d ago

Cool looking pic, but how is he drawing power from those lines? I would have thought the power lines would be more or less dead in the post apocalyptic Fallout world.

Timesplitter143627d ago

Maybe the guy is actually pumping power BACK into the lines!

bjornbear3627d ago

Is it vapourware or what?

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