Go!GamingGiant: The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review

The story is rich and detailed, with the back story told in a series of stills during the opening sequence describing how the demon king Malladus became imprisoned beneath the land of Hyrule, bound by shackles that criss-cross the land. As a young Link, you'll travel to Castle Town for graduation as Link completes his apprenticeship and becomes a fully qualified Rail Engineer. It is here that Princess Zelda explains that the railway lines covering the kingdom are in fact the magical bindings of Malladus' prison and she confides in Link that she suspects something may have gone horribly awry inside the Spirit Tower, which acts as a lock holding the prison shut.

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LukeA3627d ago

Really great game, probably the best since Majora's Mask.

thegreatest78843627d ago

I haven't played anything zelda since N64, but this looks pretty good. good review.

Murgatroyd73627d ago

I haven't played a Zelda game in forever. I might have to check this out when I get my DS.

omicron0093627d ago

I love zelda, supernintendo zelda is the best one ever.