Go!GamingGiant's VGA Announcement Rundown Part 1

Go! Gaming Giant runs down all the big announcements from Spike TV's Video Game Awards.

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omicron0094743d ago

well i missed the show, they should really show it on a sunday and not sat night. nice rundown.

Ramin1234743d ago

Oh my goodness, if the categories get any more ridiculous than what they already are....idk lol. Pretty awesome though some the things that's announced

LukeA4743d ago

Prince of Persia looks pretty sweet, even if there's no gameplay. I'm a sucker for that franchise.

thegreatest78844743d ago

Batman 2 was a big surprise I must admit. And during one of the montages I heard Marcus Fenix so I was expecting a Gears announcement. But Deadliest Warrior has to be the dumbest thing of the night.

Kamikaze84743d ago

Plus Cliffy B was there. I thought theyd announced something, Epic that is, unrelated to Gears though.

karan86244743d ago

The games have never been amazing but I've always enjoyed the series. I just hope they dont have that slow-mo bullet time explosion bike riding crap... ynow what i mean, those scenes that make you say "Comeon, wtf was that?"

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