Top 10 Reasons To Keep the PS3 Dream Alive (Continued) continue:

" My post yesterday about the "Top 10 Reasons to Keep the PS3 Dream Alive" really sparked some heavy debate. It seems to me that most gamers are inclined to latch on to one system and think negatively about the others in the race. That attitude is simply not a great one to have. I know many Xbox Fanboys want to see the PS3 go down in flames and vice versa.

The question I raise here is; what possible good could come out of one system winnig the next-gen war? The answer is obvious. If only one system rules, we'd have a monopoly and see game prices skyrocket.

Too many people are judging the PS3 on early system sales. Trust me when I say this, the Sony PS3 will be a strong competitor in the future. I'll be completely honest, I play the Xbox 360 more than any other system, but I refuse to allow myself to become a system loyalist.

It's better for us as gamers to keep our options and opinions open for the future. All it's going to take is a couple awesome games for the PS3 to all of a sudden be popular. That's simply how the world works..."

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kingofps34807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

Gran Turismo 5.

Now, can anyone say-- LittleBigPlanet, Afrika, The Agency, Castlevania, Coded Arms: Assault, Driver 5, Eight Days, The Eye of Judgment, Eyedentify, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XIII, Folklore, The Getaway 3, God of War III, Grand Theft Auto IV, Haze, Heavenly Sword, Killzone 2, Lair, Monster Hunter 3, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, SingStar, Soul Calibur IV, Tekken 6, WarDevil: Enigma, Warhawk, White Knight Story, Wipeout 6, Zone of the Enders 3 etc etc!

kornbeaner4807d ago

MLB07: the show. It's out now and is the best baseball game out there right now. I bought it when released and it has not left my PS3 since.
I'm not even a baseball fan, but the game is just that great.

The PS3 has more then enough titles to keep the early crowd from bringing on a riot. I have had nothing but fun with my PS3 since launch and that is what keeps the dream alive (for me anyway).

When the next set of games get released Lair, MGS, GT5, Heavenly Sword, ETC. That is just gonna fulfill most if not all of my gaming needs.

DrPirate4807d ago

I agree with the statement about the monopoly. No good comes from one company crashing and burning.

I respect X-Box fanboys, you're happy with your system. Fantastic.

But to say you wanna see Sony crash and burn? Really mature, learn a thing or two about the industry and economics.

Machety4807d ago

Just Picture how lame this console war would be without the potential power of the PS3. I dont have a PS3 yet ,and I think the Xbox360 is great, but I am not ready to see the Xbox as the only option for a next gen gameplay. I want you all to think about the possibility ,and all the great things that the PS3 will be able to do in the future. Ps3 Rocks, Xbox360 rocks,and I want both in the future ,but I need a Ps3.

Maddens Raiders4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

kornbeaner, The Show is a real contender, but I have a hard time giving up John Miller and Joe Morgan on 2K7. Those announcers are just like butta on a biscuit 4 me. The Show is a technical masterpiece though, there's no doubt about it. The PS3 is down on games right now, there's no doubt about that either. But it won't always be this way. Once that blu-ray river of games starts flowing PlayStation gamers won't have enough time to play decent games. I want that problem again, dammit!

I wonder how long before they re-hire 'olKen?lol
That would certainly add some gas back to this controlled burn. I tell ya, that guy had some passion and ballz and that matters a lot in a three-way trenchfight. I know they still have to wait on the dev's for the completed games but KK was always coming up with new, wild and crazy hardware ideas and implementations ~ and at the very least just making people wonder WTF SNE was up to. Oh well one can still wonder right?lol

kornbeaner4807d ago

2K games has somthing about it that is just there for the whole package.

But "The road to the Show" mode is just the best. I started a pitcher and it took me about 3 seasons to make to the majors and the mode just has me hooked, if I wasn't at work right now I'd most likely be playing it right now, it's the most addicting sports game I have played to date. This will be the Best baseball franchise and the baseball game to beat in the near feature, Maybe even next season.
Best of all it's an exclusive.

As far as KK goes, if the PS3 takes off and becomes a success and games are just WOW in 2-3 years then I believe we will see KK come back for PS4. This man might not know how to make a easy system to develop for but the systems he helps create have a long life span and that is always important. Look at the PS2 games are still looking better (what little titles get released) year after year and some of the games like Hotshots tennis and even Manhunt 2 is looking great; were in what now the 7th year of the PS2 lifespan. KK is Great and he doesn't get the credit he deserves and gets more blame then he deserves.

sumfood4u4807d ago

Is it me or have the recent news been, Lacking In Luster? I really haven't heard anything that makes me say Damn I got to re~read this!

Machety4807d ago

I discovered This site a month ago ,and I check it every 30 minutes ,but for the last couple 2 days the news has been dry and stale.

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