PS3 Review: Playing for Keeps

Sony really wants their PlayStation franchise to continue to dominate the gaming market. But they also want their fledgling high definition movie format, the Blu-ray Disc to become the de facto successor to the mighty DVD. So Sony made a choice, early on in the development of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) - to tie the gaming system and the new disc format together, effectively staking the fate of one on the success or failure of the other. Either of these tasks presents a significant challenge on its own, but tying the two new technologies together either represents true genius or utter madness.

If you're a high definition movie-lover and also a gamer, interested in checking out advanced high resolution games in addition to HD movies; or if you are looking for a computer/home theater convergence device providing some degree of content networking within your home without a significant investment in computers, then buying the PS3 is practically a "no brainer." Its robust and comprehensive feature-set is a geek-lover's dream. And its audio and video performance is sure to keep even the pickiest of audio/videophiles happy...

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Systematrix4745d ago

Now this is a good article. And I'm an Xbox fan! We need more like this (not just about PS3, but in general).

TruthHurts4745d ago

god i love my ps3.

did you get one yet?

Maddens Raiders4745d ago

I've been trying to post this for 15 minutes. Guess that's what I get for having too many beers available. Good job / Good read Deep.