Two-Face confirmed for Batman sequel?

The Lost Gamer writes "For those with a keen eye, when you're on the new site – check out the character pointing and wielding a gun, notice anything you recognise?"

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Saaking3628d ago

Wow, I hadn't noticed that.

NecrumSlavery3628d ago

well the pic is of a guy with a burned hand holding a gun, right?

so it's gotta be him. as of now, arkham 2 is rivaling bioshock 2. i think i'll upgrade my gamefly to 3 a month and ask the boss for a raise. 2010 is the year of the empty wallet

Staircase3628d ago

I noticed the poster in the trailer too.

Shows up at 00:35

Cwalat3628d ago

It's obviously Two-face... look at the burnt suit on the right side and the hat aswell. Then notice the "redish" hand and weapon. Has always been Two-face's theme and that's him, no doubt about that.

This will be EPIC!

Gotham City + Joker + Two-face + "all other unannounced villains" + great story like Arkham Asylum = 2010 GOTY contender again!

3627d ago
LtSkittles3627d ago


No,Two-Face is Harvey Dent.

RockmanII73627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Harvey Dent was dating Rachel and when...


R1a2c3h4e5l6D8i9e0s1D3e4n5t6B 8e9c0o1m2e3s4T6w7o8f9a0c1e2 (take out the numbers)


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Mo0eY3628d ago

It's clearly Two-Face. Look at his top hat and his arms. I noticed this right away. I can't wait to play this. I just finished the first because I finally got time after college so this news is very exciting.

Madis0073628d ago

Great but still its in Prison and main is Joker with scars.

Joker looks so ugly now... How did they escape again? FFS

Staircase3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

How do you know it's still in Prison, and that Joker is the main villain? Looks to me like joker is out of Arkham, meaning it won't take place there.

kaveti66163628d ago

The Joker doesn't even have to try to escape from Arkham. Read the comics.

4pocalyps33627d ago

like kaveti said. read the comics...joker can easily get out of arkham if he wanted to.

Nitrowolf23628d ago

ya its 2 face can tell by the suit 2 different colors but does this comfirm another character also? notice the slash on across his face? Possible also Scareface will join in?

OOG3628d ago


If you beat batman you should already know that two-face should be in the next one.... if not go beat the game before guessing whos in the sequel.

LtSkittles3628d ago

Yeah, I don't know why they would be reading about a sequel if they haven't beaten the game yet.

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