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rucky3629d ago

Holy sh!t it's Two-Face!

Cwalat3629d ago

Oke, that got me really hyped.

Two-face one of my favortie villains of all time.

Why does the site direct me to gametrailers? There is nothing there... Video supposed to pop up there?

Saaking3629d ago

Yep, good old two face. I think this time around we're going to see a lot more of the classic Batman villains. It's bound to be a much bigger game than AA was and to be honest, I'm really excited.

NecrumSlavery3629d ago

I can assume there will be different areas and we get to them all via driving and flying now? I hope this doesn't turn into a sandbox game though. Maybe just a handful of vehicle gameplay elements, but when you go to different areas of Gotham, there will be a small video like in Metroid Prime. I just think a sandbox style is not in the spirit of Batman. Arkham is in the Top 5 Best of 2009. Please AA2, be better, not worse!

3629d ago
kewlkat0073629d ago

I certainly wouldn't mind it...this is Gotham City you crazy.

Imagine the fun.

While I enjoyed the game, it felt boxed in.

I would stand on the outside caves and look over the water across to the city. Now I get to fight in it..NEXT

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Ninji3629d ago

This was pretty much the only good thing that came out of the VGAs.

TOO PAWNED3629d ago

i hope this is for 2011, because if it is next year that means they rushed it and it will suck...

Ninji3629d ago

Going by that logic, Too Human must've been an amazing game.

lightningsax3629d ago

Yeah, Ninji, I agree. Rocksteady seems like a very resourceful studio after the way they did Batman: AA. It's not like they had an infinite skyscraping budget, and they did a great job. With a bigger budget, I think this studio is going to just succeed on a higher level.

That said, I guess there's always time to worry about some administrator high up in WB handing down impossible deadlines that kill AA2, but I really don't think that will happen. They have a bona fide franchise on their hands, and screwing it up would not be in their best interest.

LtSkittles3629d ago

Actually, Ninji I had followed AA religiously when it was announced, thinking it was coming out in June. June went by, AA was delayed 'til August, and their reason was for polishing, so I doubt they'll screw it up. Also, RockSteady knows the unreal engine, because they did a good job with it last time.

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Chucky20033629d ago

This announcement was the only surprise form VGA and maybe Force Unleashed 2 now the dude wields 2 light sabers

lightningsax3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

What I thought was great was the as-predicted Spec Ops: Medal of Warfare 2. Here come the flood of copycats trying to siphon off of the blockbuster, and it's never been greener or browner than this. It just makes me think of the Uncharted 2 "Next-Gen" joke filter.

Oh well. Batman AA2 is all we needed out of the VGA's, and I love how much they're playing up the arrival of Two-Face. He needs an awesome role in this game.

3629d ago
Pozzle3629d ago

It's great to see Two-Face will be appearing in the sequel. Here's hoping they get a great voice actor for him :)

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