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Saaking3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Totally unexpected. LOOKS AWESOME. More open world, Gotham is gonna take a beating.

The_Savior3622d ago

Rocksteady has already proven themselves to be a kickass developer.
I can't wait to see how they'll handle the sequel.

Shang-Long3622d ago

But I wanted somthing bigger, it's kinda expected that there would be a second one after the 1st did so well

Saaking3622d ago

It does look like they're gonna go for a more open world and expansive game. Basically what I wanted after play Batman AA. Can't wait.

Aceluffy3622d ago

Can't wait to see what kind of cool moves Batman has in the sequel.
Go Rocksteady ! Go !

colonel1793622d ago

and I thought they announced a L4D sequel too soon?!.. Come on!, it came out this year and already there's the sequel announced?... We all know it was coming, but this soon is BS... It's like GOW3 for example, we all know it was going to be, but it took three years, and it was announced 1 year later, not 3 months!...

raztad3622d ago

I dont want to sound negative about this BUT, does this mean AA2 is a 2010 release? isnt that a bit too soon? I would like a longer development cycle. If this doesnt mean a 2010 release why to announce it so early?

Well, I dont know. Good news I suppose.

Cheeseknight283622d ago

I can see why it would have a shorter development cycle, it's using the same engine as the original it looks like and they are likely getting a lot of funding this time around. The first, while an absolutely phenomenal game, seemed somewhat unfinished as the final battle/ending felt rushed and a lot of core Batman villains were unrepresented.

This shouldn't give as much hell as Left 4 Dead 2, because they never promised DLC unlike Valve and they actually gave us a lot of free goodies shortly after release.

Hopefully this one will do even better and they will branch out to other comic book villains, such as Superman who still needs to redeem himself from all the god-awful games he's starred in.

Lifendz3622d ago

a new Batman by these guys will do it.

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mrmikew20183622d ago

rocksteady just beat IW and ND for the best studio of the year, this is bullsh!t

Batzi3622d ago

they deserve it. We all knew U2 and MW2 were going to be great but Batman was surprising and unexpected!

Saaking3622d ago

It certainly is. ND deserved it for sure. Damn it!

Elven63622d ago

A studio that came out of no where made one of the best DC superhero games ever, not to mention the Unreal Engine looks amazing in Batman: AA.

I think they deserve some credit, Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog are already established studios who have received much praise over the years.

hatchimatchi3621d ago

gameplay wise we've seen modern warfare and uncharted numerous times. I don't recall ever playing a game like arkham asylum. A game that blended stealth, brawling, puzzles and platforming...

ha, i just realized i described among thieves right there.

Among Thieves is awesome and i love it but game play wise it didn't seem like too much had changed from the other tps cover system games. Arkham Asylum felt really unique to me.

Attack it all you want, it's not really necessary though. I'm not knocking ND or Uncharted 2. I'm just saying that to me Among Thieves felt like something i had already played before. AA on the other hand did not.

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Quadrix3622d ago

That was an epic intro.

3622d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.