Go!GamingGiant: Zombie Driver Review

It seems like zombies are everywhere nowadays, from the recently released Left 4 Dead 2, to the recently announced Zombie MMO from Undead Labs, not to mention a dozen of so zombie mods for various game. So keeping the zombie theme going, today we have our Zombie Driver review.

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omicron0094745d ago

Looks pretty cool, but i'll wait for a sale.

Kamikaze84745d ago

Looks cool, tons of zombies lately.

mrv3214745d ago

Zombies are the new world war 2 this turn around happend at about COD:WAW which is ironic.

dirthurts4745d ago

Makes me want a Twisted Metal game even more : (

multipayer4745d ago

This game is more like crazy taxi with a zombie outbreak.

LukeA4744d ago

I'll also wait for a sale, but it does look like a title I'll enjoy.

RaymondM4744d ago

I love zombies, hense I probably at least like this game even without playing it.
Jk but it does look kind of interesting

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