Halo 3 Weekly Update

The most recent Bungie Weekly Update has been released, officially revealing the new custom armor and the details of the different editions.

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The BS Police4243d ago

I'm gonna be pissed if I don't get that Legendary Edition, lol.

Diselage4243d ago

I don't think i'll get the helmet for the little guy...erm i mean the little helmet edition. 130 is just too steep even for a geek like me. Collectors though for sure.

unsunghero284243d ago

So I noticed that the article mentions that the game is very nearly complete, and neglects to mention anything about upcoming graphics updates...

Are we to expect Beta graphics to be with the final game? I really don't think I could take all the jaggies, and it's not that hard to flip up the anti-aliasing...

Is it?

Xi4243d ago

he talks about the graphic updates in other posts.

eques judicii4243d ago

probably talking the campaign/balancing.

DrPirate4243d ago

GG people jumping to conclusions over this whole 2 disk ordeal.

Game's not even done yet, duhh.

toughNAME4243d ago

collectors edition looks sexxxxxxxyyyyy

PS360PCROCKS4243d ago

Can't wait and my god why does Forza look so damn gorgeous in screens and so different in the demo? I NEED to go buy the game dammit.

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