IGN Colin McRae: DiRT UK Review

From IGN UK: "Exhilarating doesn't even begin to describe the experience of blasting up a mountainside in an Evo XI at 100 miles per hour. As the scenery whips by and the gravel track blurs beneath your tyres, your knuckles turn white with excitement as you grip the pad tighter and struggle to maintain control along the game's narrow off-road courses. To make matters worse (or more interesting, depending on your take), there's a sheer drop to either side: get your braking right and you'll slide gracefully around the hair-pin corners; miss-time it by a fraction and you'll fly off the track and tumble to your death. Nasty."

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NextGen24Gamer4782d ago

I can't wait for this game. I can't get enough of the demo on xbox live. This is what next gen off road racing is suppose to be about. I'm quite sure it will average in the high 8's to low 9's when its all said and done. The inside views are so realistic and with the wireless force feedback wheel...its going to be hours upon hours of fun. I'm a little dissappointed of what they said about the online play. If thats true that you have to race seperately...I'm only getting one copy. I was hoping you could race against people...head to head....

Close_Second4782d ago

There are two things that will keep this from being a AAA title.

1. The slowdown of the graphics. I personally hate frame rate drops and if its noticable enough it will put me off buying the game.

2. The on-line play is crippled. All the 360 owners made point of that fact that Motorstorm on the PS3 had no real on-line when it was released and yet here we have a situation on the 360 where the on-line play is well, for lack of a better word, crap. Simply not acceptable!!!

I was really looking forward to this on my 360 but these two things will make me think long and hard before departing with the $120 (NZD) price tag.

Arkham4782d ago

This thing looks sick. Nice job.

Diselage4782d ago

I just want this game now, i really didn't think any thing of this game until that demo and now I'm craving this game bad.

beast4782d ago

That cant be. I dont understand why, they didnt have to pump this game right away, forza 2 is here already. So little time wouldnt have killed them. This game went from must buy to rent.

Do you guys think the ps3 version might have head to head online.

Due to Blueray disc space and extra time in development.

UrbanJabroni4782d ago

...yes, yes it will. Because that is why there is no online

power of Green 4782d ago

Due to Blueray disc space and extra time in development.

^^yah sure budy durr dee dee dee. Blu-ray's gonna do all the work for the devs and BR's going to develope better online while the devs sit back and watch. The PS3 version's extra dev time has nothing to do with anything other than trying to match its brethern.

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