Digital Chumps: Rabbids Go Home Review

Digital Chumps writes: "Why don't they just go home? That's their home! Are they to good for their home?

For gamers not familiar with the Rabbids line of games, Ubisoft decided to take its beloved Rayman franchise in a new direction at the launch of the Wii. Launch title, Rayman: Raving Rabbids, featured our beloved limbless hero defeating a series of challenges brought to the table by a large group of crazy creatures. In this game, the goofiness and insanity coupled with the pleasures of slapstick humor made for a quirky group of mini games that held up mainly because it was one of the first titles to utilize the Wii Remote in a variety of different ways. Along the way, we've seen more Rayman titles on the Wii featuring the menacing Rabbids (all of which have utilized the most recent Wii peripherals) but until now have not seen a standalone title featuring the Rabbids themselves as the main point of emphasis."

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