Nintendo Life: Ball Fighter Review

Nintendo Life writes: "Puzzlers featuring the familiar format of clearing out a wave of blocks, shapes, jewels, tetrominoes, bits and who knows what else have graced every gaming console known to man. As a species, we seem to be helplessly attracted to the idea of removing things before they pile up too far or reach the end of the line. Thankfully, the DSi Shop has already been feeding our thirst for puzzle games of this kind with blocks and bits, and this now shining, brightly colored balls also grace the DSi Shop in Teyon's Ball Fighter. Another ported PC game originally released by partner company Destan Entertainment in 2006, Ball Fighter (like Teyon's first DSiWare release, Robot Rescue) features the same gameplay as the original PC version with completely overhauled graphics for the DSi. Will Ball Fighter feed our need for object obliteration, or will it fail to catch our interest?"

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