RGN Review: Cities XL

RGN writes: "The "City Building" genre has been neglected or at the very least abandoned. After the absolute tragedy that was SimCity Societies, fans of this type of game have become a little....jaded. The complete outrage that came with the release of SCS was astounding, people became frustrated. I had high expectations for the game Will Wright said was going to be amazing. SimCity Societies was anything but amazing. It was clear that the SimCity franchise may in fact be dead. It was a sad time for me."

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Scenarist3506d ago

I was originally going to day 1 purchase this game ...
then i found out it had mmo subscriber type fees.

All I wanted is a Next Gen Sim city ...thats it ..maybe with other bells and whistles ...

If in 6 months to a year they roll out the other goodies and people re-review it. I will buy it if it delivers. atm it does NOT