NCAA 08: Home Field Advantage

In NCAA Football 08, set to hit stores next month, the 10 listed stadiums represent the toughest places to play a game of virtual football. For whatever reason, a humbling history, dire weather conditions, or cheerleaders that fire laser beams out of their eyeballs, you don't want to visit any of these venues come Saturday during the Fall semester. Full details of the 10 after the jump

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weekapaugh4239d ago

looks sweet, can't wait to punk ND on their own turf.

Kleptic4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

I live about 1 mile from Beaver stadium....I hate football video games though, but it would be cool to play a virtual game at that stadium...been going to the Penn State home games since I was 5 years old...ended up getting a Mechanical Engineering degree out of that place too...