GTA: Episodes from Liberty City sells under 160K in Oct.-Nov.

In September, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City was being pegged as one of the fourth quarter's heavy hitters. Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter predicted the boxed compilation of Grand Theft Auto's two Xbox 360-exclusive expansions--The Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony--could sell between 2.25-2.75 million units at retail.

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Mista T5278d ago

R* needs to brink back old GTA elements, it's what made it fun

Government Cheese5278d ago (Edited 5278d ago )

But these numbers don't really mean anything. Most of the people who bought the Ballad of Gay Tony bought it digital, because they already owned The lost and damned and essentially buying it again with Episodes from Liberty City would just be a waste of money. I don't know why they won't release the download numbers though.

TheDeadMetalhead5278d ago (Edited 5278d ago )

Pachter predicted it would succeed. So OF COURSE it didn't sell well. D:

lol @ reply glitch

IzKyD13315278d ago

Yeah, I didn't play San Andreas and Vice City for the realism, I played to drive tanks over cops and hookers

kalebgray925278d ago

thats sad thats like a 1 week sale for a major AAA release months after initial release

Blaze9295278d ago

I wish Microsoft would release the digital numbers. So its quite clear, and I'm sure Microsoft isn't THAT stupid, that the did not just dump $50 million down the drain for nothing. Maybe part of it goes along for a 360 exclusive. Maybe the one that was rumored to be in the makes by the Bully team.

mikeslemonade5278d ago

Because it was digital and because it was overpriced the game still sold well. No suprise here because 360 games always sell well. Now Microsoft paying 50 million to keep these exclusive was not worth it. Ballad of Gay Tony was good but Lost and Damned was worst than GTA4.

Hisiru5278d ago

600k already + digital numbers, it's selling well for an expansion, it will be a million seller without digital numbers.

I don't like Lost & Damned but Ballad Of Gay Tony is an incredible game.

SilentNegotiator5278d ago (Edited 5278d ago )

Hai Guys! Why don't good exclusive games sell on the 360?

Ha! How does it feel when it's on YOUR console, fanboys?

Sigh5278d ago

yeah I agree. Your post was hilarious by the way, so true XD

NecrumSlavery5278d ago

GTA4 went to dramatic and ruined the series. The DLC is a nice addition, but not award winning as it should of been.

So we wait for RED DEAD REDEMPTION, Agent, LA Noire, Max Payne 3...etc

GAY TONY was real good though, kind of sparked that fun the GTA series had back in San Andreas

SupraDOHC5278d ago

Where did you get 600k units? Its sold 160K total as of Nov 28, 60K the first week of release and 100k the following 3 weeks....

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blue7xx75278d ago

Yeah it most likely sold more on downloads. Plus yeah I agree with the article they didn't really marketed the game. I saw no commercials for it. The only place I saw ads where on gaming website but that's it.

Megaton5278d ago (Edited 5278d ago )

Are you kidding me? I saw more ads for this than anything else the past couple months, including MW2. They bought out nearly half the ad time during Strikeforce's big event with Fedor on CBS last month, and pretty much every other channel I watch was running them all of October and the first half of November.

Saw a shortened version of this one...

...and then they ran a cut version of this one constantly...

Had the song from the 2nd one stuck in my head cause I kept seeing it so much.

GameOn5278d ago (Edited 5278d ago )

Its been advertised quite heavily on TV in the UK. Really cool music in the ads.

I'm guessing most people had downloaded the first episode before they heard about the retail release.

Government Cheese5278d ago (Edited 5278d ago )

Yeah, in fact in a Flickr group that I am a member in, someone uploaded a photo of Times Square and there was a big billboard right there for the ballad of gay tony. And I doubt that advertising space was cheap.

edit: heres the photo http://www.flickr.com/photo... (far left part of the image)

Ninji5278d ago

Millions of dollars wasted on a flop.

Rocket Sauce5278d ago

But they managed to make $50 million before it even came out, nice move.

SKUD5278d ago (Edited 5278d ago )

These episodes are pretty useless.

firelogic5278d ago

Ugh, I'm so sick of Pachter. Why the hell do we even know this guy?