Xbox 360 Price Drop Rumors Denied

The rather pleasant and professional peeps over at Gamerscore were quick to get to the bottom of the latest round of Xbox 360 price cut shenanigans.

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ericnellie4243d ago

I'm sure both Sony and M$ are thinking of price drops within the next year! Once the current price point hits it's critical mass, they'll drop prices to go after that good ole' "casual gamer".

Excalibur4243d ago

As they would be until Microsoft makes it official.
Most people just don't understand business.

SuperSaiyan44243d ago

Microsoft price cut, look at what are doing Premium plus smackdown vs Raw for £230!!!

Or 360 Premium with 4 games for £290 and I think that also includes an extra official wireless pad!!

The deals are out there folks you just have to look online.

PhinneousD4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

It WILL drop closer to the holiday season, they still want consumers to buy consoles throughout the summer. They will announce a price drop in the fall and it will be a huge announcement for MS. And expect tv ads galore.

FirstknighT4243d ago

The 360 is still selling really well so they dont need a price cutt. But I wouldn't be surprised if they make an announcement at E3 next month. They can cutt about $100 off the console price and still break even.

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