Modern Warfare 2 3rd Person is Broken

DualShockers writes:

Modern warfare 2 is broken! Yes there is a patch that went live today for the Xbox 360 and I just downloaded it but it looks like there are still things broken.

I just played a 3rd Person Tactical match on the map Rust where it was supposed to be a CTF match and was greeted with a rude awakening.

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Chadness5105d ago

Now they'll need a patch to fix a patch...wait, is Infinity Ward Blizzard in disguise? ;)

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f7897905104d ago

Come on Infinity Ward! Only Windows is supposed to patch patches.

Product of arrogance.

execution175104d ago

there's a third person mode.... lol i just blazed through the campaign and now it just sits there collecting dust

Saaking5104d ago

Good thing I haven't bought this game.

y0haN5104d ago


All software has bugs, even patches. It's impossible to avoid them.

You're a product of arrogance yourself.

rockleex5104d ago


But how many of those games purposely allow you to modify their save files in order to hack and unlock everything?

In fact, I'd say MW2 has 5 times more glitches than COD4. COD4 merely had savehacks and glitch through objects.

MW2 on the other hand... O_O

vhero5104d ago (Edited 5104d ago )

Glitchiest game ever released? How did this game game such high reviews?? Some reviewers are morons.The amount of games I seen been shot down for being glitchy like saints row 2 etc.. yet this game gets over 90 scores and not one mention of them. Typical media crap eh?? The gaming world is full of BS reviewers on the payroll of MS/devs or being a fanboy.

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Tomarcus5105d ago

You would think that eventually devs would learn how to do all this sh!t correctly...

CyberCam5104d ago (Edited 5104d ago )

Many people asked for a beta... but they (IW) ignored them because they wanted to sell more units. IMO I don't believe they would have sold as many units as they did if there were a beta.

I'm not saying a beta would have fixed all the problems, but it would sure have reduced the number of bugs. There's just to many bugs for a supposed "AAA" game. It's like all those millions of gamers bought a into the hype and only became beta testers for IW.

GameGambits5104d ago

Glitchiest game EVER released? Go play Gears of War 2...that mess is still after a year+ not even close to fixed.

MW2 is playable WAAAAY more than Gears 2 ever could be. I get the massive amounts of hate thrown at IW with everything surrounding the game. I've played so many matches, and was in the top 300 in the world for MW2 on 360 before I started to play less to get caught up on other games like AC2 and Dragon Age, and out of those massive amounts of matches only a handful had people glitching(most of which were javelin glitchers which is fixed now).

The game is far from unplayable, it is far from unfun, and at this point people need to lay off until they invest some time in the online multiplayer. My experience and many others is that it is a great multiplayer game that can hold most over until the next big thing(MAG,BFBC2,etc).

If anything rent the game, give it a whirl, and see what assessments you can make from it. Most FPS fans will agree the game offers a lot of fun.

JoelT5105d ago

there will be another patch inbound. Ridiculous! This generation of games has given us the most advanced games ever, yet they all somehow ship full of bugs and flaws.

LastDance5105d ago

just imagine what it will be like in the future

mrv3215105d ago

They'll patch in textures :P

kaveti66165105d ago

More advanced hardware is prone to more problems.

People say that Nintendo is sophisticated because their Famicoms still run while their 360s are broken. The real reason is because the leap in hardware is met with more components, more heat, more chance for failure.

Same thing with games. Online games run on both game code and net code. More chances for glitches.

mrv3215105d ago

The most complicated things break most while being true, we still shouldn't forgive developers who ignore clear bugs just to get their game out on time.

kaveti66165105d ago

And yet I still get disagrees for stating something that should be painfully obvious to most of you. I'm not defending Infinity Ward. I'm just saying that online glitches are prevalent in this generation because many more things are happening now than ever before.

cjflora5104d ago

The PS3 has more advanced hardware than the 360, yet the 360 hardware is more prone to failure. I think it's matter of companies ensuring their more advanced technology is ready before releasing.

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taz80805105d ago

Third person is messed up, you can play 18 people on small maps. Craziness.

AzarVC5105d ago

Greaaat, now we get to wait for another patch.