Contents of the Hunter Edition of Alien vs Predator.

Sega has revealed what we shall see when it hits stores Feb. 19, about Aliens vs. Predator: Hunter Editionr. o lo que es lo mismo, la edicción Hunter de Alien vs Predator. or what is the same, the edition of Alien vs Predator Hunter. As revealed yesterday, this special version of the shooter from Rebellion will Facehugger model, Weyland-Yutani plate and a lenticular card is sufficient for elegant. I think this is ten times more impressive than the Prestige Edition COD: MW2...

Although it is likely to get a review copy of the game. Even if the game ends up being bad, this type of packaging that any fan of Xenomorph should possess. If the game turns out to be a success, this will only be a bonus.

Check out the following image and tell us who you think:

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