BioShock 3 Development Begins?

2K Marin, the main development studio for BioShock 2, is gearing up to develop another game. A new job posting offers up a couple details

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Roper3163633d ago

come on release 2 before I start hearing about 3. Bioshock the next whored out franchise.

EvilCackle3633d ago

Until BioShock: Rapture Kart Racing is released, I think you should hold off on calling the series "whored out" :P Or until the sequel(s) are proven to be sub-par or only minor improvements over the original game.

cyguration3633d ago

that could stop at 2 or 3 and feel complete. Hopefully this doesn't become the next Halo and we start getting prequels, side-stories and a lot of other lore that detracts from the originality of the first one.

dorron3633d ago

Bioshock 3 would be welcome.

Totally agreed with the guy above. 2 sequels would be enough to complete a great stroyline.

gtamike1233633d ago

First 1 was bad, I really tryed to get into it to.

3600d ago