Three Kingdoms Online Goes Live with Gift Giveaway

E4G: There's nothing we love here at more than giving our devoted readers the chance to get in-game items whenever we can. Three Kingdoms Online released its English version on Dec 3rd,2009. So, we asked for a bunch of newbie packs keys to give out! They (Koramgame) were all too glad to give us a large bundle, which we've now set up on our gift keys server for you to grab. So, don't waste any time to join Three Kingdoms Online and have fun together!

Oculus Quest Giveaway! Click Here to Enter
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mjolliffe3629d ago

Not really interested. I'm a console fanboy. Can't do PC gaming!

dkblackhawk503629d ago

Mhm, understandable. This game actually looks quite good, a lot better than "evony" lol.

dkblackhawk503629d ago

This game sounds like it will be better than evony :P /opinion end

dkblackhawk503629d ago

500 codes to giveaway?...That is a lot, going to expect quite a few comments :P. The game is great btw.

ballsofsteel3628d ago

as if the VGA's have had an amazing history? i just hope this year the awards are actually about the games rather than just a platform for people to market their games and other stuff. however i don't see that happening.

romeosusanto3619d ago

I have been a fan on all 3 kingdoms game, so I wish this will be another good one

of course a little jumpstart is always good