Guitar Hero Van Halen - Everybody Wants Some Trailer writes: "Activision has released a new trailer for their upcoming Guitar Hero Van Halen, featuring the song 'Everybody Wants Some'. Guitar Hero Van Halen is due out on December 22nd for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Wii..."

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Capdastaro3623d ago

This is going to flop so hard...

Granted Van Halen would probably be perfect for a Guitar Hero game...

But seriously Van Halen sucked back in the 70s and they suck now.

ZBlacktt3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

How old are you? Just so wondering since you have zero clue.

edit: never mind Rick, I see you are 20 years old. Yep, keep watching youtube video's to form an opinion on something before your time. You have no idea at all. Couldn't be more dead wrong, lol...

Capdastaro3623d ago

About 15 years listening experience from my dad listening to them, 2 concerts in has concreted my opinion about that washed up band, one tick pony band.

ZBlacktt3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

I suggest you do some research and just see how this one " washed up " band defined a whole generation in musical style and taste. For Eddie Van Halen alone set the world on fire and sparked speed technical playing 30 years ago. This band has sold millions and millions of albums. Just like that band in your little avatar there. Only the best of the best get they're own Guitar Hero/RockBand video games. Why? Because they know it will sell millions based on that bands career before hand. Btw, they were a bar band in the 70's, first album was put out in 1979 ( yes I bought it even though I was into KISS way more ). They peaked in the 1980's and just owned.

BushidoUK3623d ago

so your dad listened to a band for 15 years and thats a failure?

Most acts today dont even last 15 months.

I never liked my Dad's choice of music either but it doesnt invalidate their abilities.

Van Halen are one of the all time top rock bands as proved by their record sales.
Someone must like them.