Dante's Inferno: Demo From Hell Gameplay HD writes, "This bone-crushing gameplay from the upcoming Dante's Inferno demo is not for the meek."

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yoge3625d ago

Good looking game but what a ripoff.

WildArmed3624d ago

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery.

I'm sure the devs @ Santa Monica are very happy.

Fishy Fingers3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I just got through playing the demo a couple of time, I must say I'm quite surprised. Good visuals and gameplay, the story should be solid. I enjoyed it far more than the Bayonetta demo, I know they're rather different but I just found it more fun (and without dreadful music).

Going on the demo's I've played (GOW, Bayonetta, Dantes) this is a great title, one I'll certainly rent and no doubt enjoy, but, and I'm sure some will brand me a fanboy for saying this, it just doesnt seem to be of the same overall quality as GOW and I'm no fan of that franchise, GOW3 demo is the first time I've played it.

To sum it up, Dantes was much better than I expected, great fun.

WildArmed3625d ago

agreed. Dante's inferno (imo) was better then Bayonetta.
The horrible music, cat walk stance and stripping in bayo really detracted from the over all experience in that game. The gameplay is great, but it comes in the wrong package for me.

DI was great (although i do condemn it's overly exposure to boobs in the demo). Love the holy n unholy combos you can unlock. And we didnt even get a play with relics (which supposedly add alot of variety to dante).

I would be extremely pleased if this would become a franchise.
Though it lacks the polish of GoW3, it does run at 60fps (hence the lower visual quality.)

Since it comes in feb, i'll have to put it on wait till later '10.

man '10 is gonna be great.

OhMyGandhi3624d ago

yeah, just finished the demo as well, and to be quite honest, was pleasantly suprised.

What I liked the most about the game is how creative it is. Some of the designs not shown in the demo but on the montage at the end were nuts and just really cool.

The game looks and plays exactly like God Of War, but what the hell is wrong with that? people have these fits over such a thing, and I say after playing the demo: get over it.

The game ran extremely smooth, good graphics, awesome music, (rather intimidating just how dark things are and some of the creepy friggin monsters that come after you).

Be honest, this game just climbed near the top of my lists of games to watch.

Oh yeah, and there's no shortage of nudity in the demo: all the more reason for anyone with a ps3 to download it, haha.