Space Age Mouse Pad Hits Stores

taz8080 of LootNinja writes:

"So you thought that your Ziggy mousepad was cool, then you haven't seen anyhitng yet. SteelSeries has released their new SteelSeries SX mousepad made of fiber polished aluminum and an anodized oxide surface treated. (I don't even know wtf those are, but damn if they don't sound fancy) It even comes with a treated cloth that ensures less friction.

These surfaces are boasting the smoothest surface possible and the ultimate in gaming reaction time. I had no idea that a mousepad had that much of an affect in gaming, but I guess I was wrong. If you want to roll like a pro gamer this bad boy will seet you back $60 but it will ensure you get at least two extra kills per CounterStrike match. (Ok I made that part up, but it is space age.)"

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