Xbox 360 Release Schedule

The latest release schedule for the Xbox 360.

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Numark4742d ago

most of the 360 big games have not been dated, so they are not there, but here are the ones I am looking forward to in the article.

06/26 - Overlord (holy crap this game comes out soon)
07/17 - Two Worlds
08/21 - BioShock
09/25 - Halo 3
10/16 - Grand Theft Auto IV

razer4742d ago

In case you didn't know..

Yes, this list is rather incomplete since a bunch of titles still haven't firmed up a release date. I expect this list to explode after mini-E3 in a few weeks.

Eagle Eye4742d ago

I'm looking for to
Halo 3
Mass Effect
Blade Storm the Hundred year war
Two World
and the new Alone in the dark game whenever it comes out.

closedxxx4742d ago

06/19 - DiRT
06/26 - Overlord
Two Worlds
08/21 - BioShock
08/27 - Medal of Honor: Airborne
08/28 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08
09/25 - Halo 3
10/16 - Grand Theft Auto IV

drtysouf214742d ago

game i'm really looking forward to. I love rpg. But still no release date i see.

ericnellie4742d ago

Can't wait for Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Mass Effect and Lost Odyssey! w00t, w00t!

Xi4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

at least 4 games will make it into the 8/10 range.

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The story is too old to be commented.