Point and click your way to The Half Broken Crown

Point and Click MMO Adventure For PC, Consoles and Handhelds Set to Launch Special Preview on June 17th with Full Launch Coming on June 24th.

On June 17th MMO fans will be able to sample's brand new MMO fantasy adventure The Broken Kingdoms. The game, based upon bestselling author Darren Reid's new novel, is a point and click style adventure heavily slanted towards puzzle solving and player cooperation. The initial special preview will grant access to the game's central hub-world, Ardara Village, and will include a special mini-quest for players to experience. All chat and community features will be available to players using PC, Mac, Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. The DS version of The Broken Kingdoms will have community features added to it in the near future.

The Broken Kingdoms draws upon a classic-style point and click interface and will focus upon puzzle solving and community building, eschewing combat and player death. Instead the emphasis is on accessibility allowing all players to immediately and intuitively begin playing with game play designed for short or long term periods. Prior to the release of the special preview on June 17th a video tutorial will go live on The Broken Kingdoms website which will act as the perfect introduction for casual gamers to the game.

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THWIP4737d ago

This is the closest PS3 gamers will get to experiencing LIVE Anywhere. Somehow, I think Shadowrun will bring in more cross-platform gamers than a point-&-click. :o

gta_cb4737d ago

the thing that gets me is that soon as though its on PC, why doesnt Xbox 360 have it?

THWIP4736d ago

"The Broken Kingdoms is BROWSER BASED..." It's essentially a flash game. If MS were so inclined, they could easily add a browser to a future 360 update ; however, they have made it quiet clear they have no desire to do so, for security reasons....and the fact they already have IE on virtually every pc on the planet.