Peter Jackson does animated Halo series

Microsoft's Shane Kim may have accidentally dropped more info on Peter Jackon's mysterious Halo project, which he's referred to as the Halo "animated series".

When asked if Bungie already has a post-Halo 3 project in line, the Microsoft Game Studios boss told GameSpy: "Oh yeah. Bungie has their plans well mapped out. You have to, when you have a studio like that, and you need to know what you're moving your people on to. So they have the collaboration with Peter Jackson on the animated series.

"I'm not sure about the specifics. They'll be done with Halo 3 this year, but we haven't announced any dates on the Halo 3 series."

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nice_cuppa4743d ago

could be cool.

need more info.

_insane_cobra4743d ago

Interactive animated series, actually. Kim speaks of it as an interactive series prior to that blunder.

Arkham4743d ago

Interactive series? Like Captain Power and the Soldiers Of The Future? Hmmm.

_insane_cobra4743d ago

Kudos for you, I was talking about it just the other day. :)

nobizlikesnowbiz4743d ago

If it was CGI it would be insanely expensive wouldnt it? They're just trying to get the hype up. After Halo 3 is released movie studios will be interested in making a big-budget movie out of it again.

tplarkin74743d ago

Maybe it will be a downloadable episode that uses the Halo 3 engine. That may be why we can "record" matches in multi-player. It is very efficient since it isn't video, but vector data.

solidt124743d ago

I think I might like this better than the video game.

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The story is too old to be commented.