Metal Gear Solid 4 Vs. Splinter Cell Conviction

The Master of stealth Solid Snake has been facing Stiff Resistance these days, with Kojima breaking the 360 into two by referring to it as a DVD player and Metal Gear Solid 4 requiring a home theater to experience the goodness of war. Well Snake it seems ain't coming an inch close to those M$, (but what he said was also quite true, the PS3 does come close to a home theater sans the Bravia and Bose surround sound system), although the rumors about an alliance between Suda (of Killer 7 fame) and Kojima and the revival of a 16 bit mystery/adventure game called "Snatcher" (Sega CD) does have a multiplatform prospect, that is if it isn't exclusive for the Wii.

Well Microsoft, went shopping and bought its own stealth super spy in the form of Sam fisher of Splinter Cell fame, his next sneak op "ConViction" is scheduled to appear exclusively on the 360, it is currently being handled by the Montreal studio who brought out the original Splinter cell and its stellar sequel Chaos Theory, (Double Agent and Pandora Tomorrow were developed by their Shanghai studio, they were more of expansion packs than full fledged games), the game is about to take a complete turn around with Sam being put in an sandbox area and finding ways to escape the enemy, ironic but it defines MGS 4's tagline "No where to hide".

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nice_cuppa4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

note. my title is a joke.

its hard to compare games that ain't out yet.

Evoluti0n4744d ago

a well written article.

Tommie4744d ago

I hate these worthless comparisons.

Shadow Flare4744d ago

has happened to Sam Fisher these days he looks like a tramp.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is easily the coolest next-gen game a coming. Far cooler then playing a game where a tramp sneaks around in the dark

ThaGeNeCySt4744d ago

but he won't be sneaking around the dark

Shake4744d ago

I agree with you,they ruined the franchise i think.I mean there was nothing wrong with sam fisher being stealthy in the dark.I mean IT WAS BETTER like that.But comparing it to MGS4....MGS4 wins hands down!

tehcellownu4744d ago

snake will eat

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The story is too old to be commented.