Stranglehold - PS3 Collectors Edition Trailer 2

Action fans unite. Hard Boiled and Stranglehold are coming together on one Blu-ray disc.

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nice_cuppa4783d ago

doesnt this show blu-ray isn't needed for games ?

i got this movie.
can i get just the game but for less money ?

i hope this version looks as good as the xbox 360 version as people will be p1ssed at the movie taking up disc space and funds (either we are paying or sony is) that could have been used on the game.

wait and see i suppose.

SmokeyMcBear4783d ago

well consider this, the movie most likely takes up around 4-5 GB, its an older movie so most likely it would have fit in a DVD-5 disc. The game is going to be less than 8.5GB, because it is also coming out for the 360, could be more for added content for the ps3, but who knows. The fact that you can put a game and a movie on one disc, shows that yes... bluray is needed in the next gen. Remeber 50 Gb is a lot of space, 8.5 is not.

PS360WII4783d ago

The game and the movie on one disc is reason enough for me to want to buy this game.

shysun4782d ago

Now that's a good idea, I'll pick this up day ONE!:)

genix134782d ago

I wonder if this will start a trend for games based on movies. Would be cool...