PSP Slim Details Revealed

Back in March, Kotaku brought word of a new and improved PlayStation Portable. But what good are the rumblings of new hardware without some of the details? Today, thanks to several sources close to Sony, Kotaku bring you that nitty gritty as the redesigned Playstation Portable nears completion.

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PS360WII4746d ago

battery life of this sexy new model, which can last as much as four times longer than the original PSP

and the 8 gig flash memory!

Looks like I'll have 2 psp's once this is released. (I just can't trade stuff in I like to have them all^^)

ps. please don't be mad about no word on second analog stick it REALLY isn't that big of an issue.

gta_cb4746d ago

i know what you mean, especially with 8gigs of memory, but the 2 analogue stick is an issue if you want to play games like Battlefront2 etc

Babylonian4746d ago

YESS, YESSSSS. You guys have no idea how much I anticipated this. And finally, I will rush into the shops when this comes out. YEAAAAAHHHH, bring it on.

SuperSaiyan44746d ago

The spec is way too high, 8gb internal flash?? That alone doesnt sound like it will cost under $170 on top of the better screen and faster loading times as well.

If Sony can pull it off then kudos to them, I think lots of people will want to trade in their old PSP's for a latest one if the price in well UK is good enough.

wolfgang4746d ago

I'm sure they can pull it off. If they do release it with such high spec, loosing much money, they will recover by having a massive boost in install base. I mean all the gamers who traded-in the old psp for the slim one will sell they old psp for at bargain price and those new psp owner will use the money they save buying the used psp cheap on games (and thats where Sony recover the money).

ERommel4746d ago

But damn I just got one. Well I got the PSP with a 4 gb mem card and a game and a movie for 240 so I don't feel all that shafted. I will not trade in my current one for a new one I'll jus own 2. WOOOHOOOO.

FadedDRFT4746d ago

Sony are getting desparate, its official, they need to give up or do something huge soon, Because my ps3 is starting to get very boring. Oh wait who plays psp????

BlackIceJoe4746d ago

So then would you say when Nintendo brought out a smaller DS was that desperate NO. This is how stuff works after some time things have been out for some time they get cheaper in price and there parts get smaller. This is a smart move on Sony it shows that they are giving what the people have asked for. It has been a long time that many people were wanting the PSP to be cheaper and smaller and now that they are doing this. You try to take a bite at then and I see nothing wrong with that.

This is how things work and if you do not like it you can lump it.

Premonition4746d ago

PSP has been out for what about close to 3 years now, parts have come down in prices and I think they can pull of the 170-200 probably. Cant wait for E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.