New Speedball 2 Trailer and Screens

Frogster Interactive has released a new trailer and several new screenshots from Speedball 2, showcasing this remake which offers international leagues, a large-scale ranking system, a virtual marketplace, fully customisable characters from cyborg to amazon, dynamic sports battles and continuous community support. Speedball 2 will be available in Q3 2007.

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nice_cuppa4738d ago

would fit much better on 360 or ps3 using a pad.

how odd.

TnS4738d ago

Not exclusive, also coming to Xbox Live Arcade. See:

(I added to the X360 channel, but News Bot changed it.)

nice_cuppa4738d ago

now this is on live how about.

chaos engine.
sindicate / sindicate wars.
ufo enemy unknown / enemy from the deep.
zombies ate my neighbours.
flash back / another world.
cannon fodder.

these would give me wood.