The Reason Tony Hawk: Ride Was Destined For Failure From Day One

"Most snarky critics had their minds set before ever seeing/playing the game. I'm proud of what we created; it's innovative, responsive & fun."
-- Tony Hawk responding to the negative reviews for Tony Hawk: Ride

It's perfectly understandable why Activision believed Tony Hawk: Ride would be a success.

Here's why it was blatantly obvious it would fail.

Noctis Aftermath5333d ago

The problem with having a top level professional athlete assist with making games is that they really over-estimate how well the average person is at their sport.

skip2mylou5333d ago

i dont think this needs to be explained. u get a pro to make a "skateboard" that u force people to use instead of using a normal controller


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FallenAngel19841085d ago

Never say no one. There’s always going to be someone who’s contrarian who’s gotta say they’re actually a fan of one of these

darthv721085d ago

i had the jaguar and cd32 and yeah, their stock controllers werent all that. They got the job done but there were better ones. The 6 button jag controller felt better to hold and incorporated more sculpting for the hands and fingers to reach the number pad easier. And the competition pro cd32 was like a genesis controller in shape and comfort. Way better than the stock one.

As for kinect, it worked, it was fun but i liked the non gaming uses for it. some people got pretty creative with reverse engineering that thing.

Father__Merrin1085d ago

The Ouya controller was incredibly poor. Looked nice but quality of doad buttons triggers was that of a cheap knockoff you get for £1.99 on ebay

Magog1084d ago

N64. No one has three hands.


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darthv721493d ago

That intel wireless gamepad was the inspiration for the 360 wireless racing wheel (and that works really well). I'd say one the author forgot would be the activator from sega.


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Tetsujin2127d ago

It's one per page, use caution.