Bestselling crap

In general, the guys over at Games Radar think you've got pretty good taste in games. You've made massive successes of stellar franchises like Ratchet & Clank, The Elder Scrolls and Katamari Damacy. You tend to like the things they like, and that's part of why I believe they enjoy writing for you and telling you about all the cool games they think you'll get excited about playing...

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InMyOpinion4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

At least it's selling...

texism4744d ago

hahahaha pwned!
bubble for you 1.1

Short_E4744d ago

take a look at the new ps3 fashon ware line

ErcsYou4744d ago heard that this is the same material M$ uses to make the gpu stay on the 360 mother board. thanx short E the stool sample

Short_E4744d ago

she knew how much you would like a fanboy hat

Timesplitter144744d ago

KILLZONE was by far the #1 best selling game that got stomped by bad reviews.

bootsielon4744d ago

Killzone wasn't "stomped" with bad reviews. Many reviews were bad, but many others were good. Either you loved it or hated it. I've played it, and I'm impressed the PS2 was capable of that. Of course sometimes it stutters, which simply proves the game was ahead of PS2's time. Go to metacritic and see how there were reviewers that actually loved the game, and others that hated it. But to put it simply, it showed promise on the storyline and graphical level. Killzone for PSP showed improvement, let's hope Killzone for PS3 shows even more improvement.

EaziG4744d ago

i bought Driver 3 and was great,

it had things like... urm...
well you could... er...
but the impressive thing about it was...


argh nuts, it was crap wasn't it.

FadedDRFT4744d ago

Was a fun game, but it was no GTA vice city, it didnt have that soft touch. GTA has that appeal that everyone likes.. dont know what that is?? lol

texism4744d ago

I actually kinda liked Rogue agent. It was pretty cool imo but it got repetitive. Plus even though you were a bad guy, you were just killing other bad guys and not good guys so yeah