PS3 ad binned for encouraging violence

A PS3 ad which was deemed 'too violent' has been pulled by the Advertising Standards Agency in South Africa.

No-one gets a hammer to the face, or anything like that - the ad simply pictures the PS3 next to the words "Stocks are limited. Things could get ugly."

Things did get ugly in the US, where muggings and other feuds outside shops spurred authorities to increase security levels for queuing customers.

The ASA, according to Jolt, pulled the ad because it encouraged violence

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Ru4737d ago

This story woulda been better with the picture!
And Second, binned? Either there is a typo or they havent banned this, just put it on hold or away for now.

marionz4737d ago

binned as in thrown it in the rubbish bin...

Ru4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

To place or store in a bin.
Doesnt mean absolutely discarded.
But it probably wont appear again.
Why they couldnt just say BANNED is beyond me!

Short_E4737d ago

dont sweat the small stuff

Snake_Doctor4737d ago

How about a calling all cars sort of ad (cartoony and all), Guy gets in the car after purchasing, and then other cars come from nowhere then the fun begins, with the PS3 popping out of people's car... OMG it's a hot patayta!!!
funny at least to me rather than being offensive.

kamakazi4737d ago

wow i love how stories with bad spelling in the titles get posted on here.

gta_cb4737d ago

well its the people fault that actually approved it, as there suppose to check the threads.

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