Rainbow Six Vegas: PS3 vs Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison

Side by side graphics comparison of Rainbow Six: Vegas on the PS3 and Rainbow Six: Vegas on the Xbox 360. Both versions are near identical. The PS3 version is darker than the Xbox 360 version therefore the Xbox 360 has better character models.

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Mycococo4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

all this says is HORRIBLE PORT!!! this game was only so so on xbox so screw this garbage. any port from the xbox looks this way. hope graw2 looks better. they are spending more time on it

EDIT: i forgot to add FIRST POST... woop woop

_insane_cobra4746d ago

I don't know where you got that, but Vegas was not so-so on the 360.

PS360PCROCKS4746d ago

are you kidding me? Vegas on the 360 was awesome. And are you a little lost you hope graw2 looks better? You know it's been out for like 3 months now right?

eLiNeS4746d ago

a $1,000,000,000 short. Hate to be buying ports for the PofS 3. You get the game a year later with bad graphics and no achievements, what a shame!!! hehe

shysun4746d ago

Vegas is an awesome game on 360 and as a PS3 owner I am happy they didn't F it up like SC:4!I will pick this up and I encourage all other gamers to do the same!;)

gta_cb4745d ago

i am glad your not a contributor otherwise you would be getting loads of reports saying "bad editing" lol, seriously i think you need to re-edit your comment and fix the mistakes lol.

F U N4G4745d ago

My lord the PS3 suck. It is so funny. By the way, only ignorant gamers don't know that a game that is ported almost a year later should definately look better than the original. The PS3 just sucks. You jap lovers are a joke.

FadedDRFT4745d ago


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ErcsYou4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

i heard that the ps3 version in 1080i looks blurry for some reason. if ran in 720p it looks identical to the 360 version....thanx again ubisoft, with ps3"s hdmi and new super white options, i have no doubt this game will look good on my ps3.

edit: ign said it, i have not seen it for my self
i still plan on buying june 26th

gta_cb4745d ago

seriously?.... i think games look better in 1080i on my TV compared to 720p.

MadMax4745d ago

1080i always is supposed to look better than 720p but not by much as 720p is supposed to run a little smoother. I personally dont see much difference, most people will see none. Go with 1080i and people that say 1080p are full of [email protected] There is no noticable difference from 1080i to 1080p. Look for yourself, its all hype!

WilliamRLBaker4745d ago

What are you guys talking about? for static images its a known fact 1080i is better, But for moving images 720p is better. 1080p is really only noticeable on moving pictures or games, and when you have a image bigger then 40".

Most videophiles know these facts.

Stray_Wulf4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

woooow. this video cannot get any more bias than that lol. GT always tries to make 360 games look better lol, Better character models? No red light on face?? yeah maybe thats because his face is looking DOWN on the ps3 version, and maybe they hadnt realized they set it on `1080i instead of 720p. jesus, did you people (who made the vid) even see the interviews where they stated that the (and i quote) "PS3 version has gone through a lot of polishing since the 360 version and has more detailing now". ... Im NOT a fanboy i just think this video is ridiculous, frankly i like the 360, but theres no doubt the ps3 will ust keep getting better and better

sjappie4746d ago

The 360 version, as a whole just looks better. No matter if Michael is looking at or away from the red light. Also, what's up with no proper 1080i? Really a shame cause I think 1080i looks much better than 720p, at least it does on my tv/xbox.

toughNAME4746d ago

oh shut uupppp
one of the worse sony fanboy excuses iv EVER heard
stop whining

and i thought the faces in both looked doo doo

gta_cb4745d ago

i agree with #3.1/#3.2 and you should stop making excuses, oh and unlucky for you mate you have 11 disagrees so maybe that link isnt reliable or something? (i didnt open the link as i cant be @rsed lol)

sonarus4746d ago

actually i dnt think it looks that bad. Not as bad as fear. GIve ubisoft some credit i think they did an okay job. As long as the frame rate dosent suck it will should be cool. I'll probably pick this up never got around to playing it on xbox

Kleptic4745d ago


FEAR looks like poop compared to the 360 version...its probably the worst looking game compared to the 360 counterpart the ps3 has recieved yet...if that makes any sense...(it looks great for a 2005 engine on the 360...on the ps3, it looks crappy)

I will definitely give this a try...I was never a fan of the this series, and have played each on for some reason...all the way back to the 98 release of the original on the PC...but a lot of you guys claim this to be very good and worthwhile...I will at least rent it...

I am not upset at all about these "ports" not looking as good as the original version...This is not a game that I bought a PS3 for...and I am only interested mostly because of the fact that there is nothing else out right now...if it looks better than FEAR, and its fun to play with better online than FEAR...I will definitely end up owning it probably...

GeneYus4745d ago

I HIGHLY recommend this game. If you have both systems then I would wait and see what the final verdict is on the PS3 version but I've got the 360 version and its as close to a perfect game that you get IMO. Right up there with Resident Evil 4. Controls are PERFECT, game play is frantic, intense, and a whole lot of fun. In fact, if you're dying for a good game right now I say pick up the 360 version cause its definitely worth it. Or like you said, give it a rent, you wont be dissapointed.

Kleptic4745d ago

Cool man...yeah I don't own a 360...My roommate does, but even he overlooked it I guess...I would here it was good...but figured it was super tactical and simply not a lot of fun (Like I said I never cared for the first couple in the series)...

I probably will end up buying it for the PS3...Sigma was pushed back a few weeks...and the 360 isn't hooked up to the 60"...I don't care if the graphics end up being a little worse than the 360, as long as the game isn't broken...besides we have more controllers for the ps3 right now anyway...

lil bush4746d ago

ps3 version will do just fine

D R Fz4746d ago

"From what we saw of the opening levels, the PS3 version of Vegas is pretty much identical to the Xbox 360 version, not just in gameplay but in visuals as well. Then again, Ubisoft wisely has decided not to fix what was clearly not broken. The modified Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine that powers the game looks unchanged, though the frame rate does seem to struggle a bit more during some of the more intensive scenes. On the plus side, the PS3 version seems to have a bit more physics interactions built into it, as we saw more objects react to explosions and gunfire."

and even better they said that

"While the single-player campaign looks as solid as it did in the Xbox 360 version, the PS3 version will have exclusive multiplayer maps and game modes not seen in the 360 or PC versions of the game--but we'll cover those in our upcoming multiplayer preview. Rainbow Six Vegas will ship for the PS3 later this month."

This video is only trying to keep us from recognizing the positives of the ps3 version.