Warhawk stability patch to be released tomorrow

For all those lucky devils that have had the chance to get their hands on the Warhawk beta, kotaku have reported that a stability patch is to be released, which addresses stability issues and various other small tweaks.

Hit the link for more information:

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spacetoilet4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Good times! And hopefully no freezing now!

For the guy below asking about this game....Yes it's amazing. I also am a huge Bf2 fan. And this game has the same over the top insane moments as that, but the gfx are way better and the sound is incredible too. The only thing I'd say Bf2 has over this, is the fact its 1st person.
But I actually don't mind Warhawk being third person, it's a little cartoony so it works well.
Most of all, with all the lighting and GFX/Sound and all the crazy $h!t going on at once, I can't get over how smooth it is.
And this is just Beta. I can't beleive I got in! I never win anything. Not even a dime on the state lotto. But somehow I got this test.
Good times.

smart_head4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

It's about time they released the stability patch. I've restarted my PS3 more number of times while playing Warhawk than I've blinked my eye :P

By the way, if you're interested in getting your ar$e kicked, my PSN ID is GraveMonger :D

Lord Anubis4738d ago


I can't wait for tomorrow, I'll probably spend all my afternoon playing the game till past midnight.

DrWan4738d ago

Is it really that good guys?? i didn't get in, but ppl were all freaking talking about this non-stop.

U guys have played battlefield 2? how does that compare?

For those of you who has played Halo beta (no flaming please, only honest opinions from owners of both systems!) How would you rate it?

Do it in a scale of 1/10, how fun was each one of them??

For me, Battlefield was Awesome, i am giving it a 7/10, but sometimes it can be boring because it takes so long to get to the action on certain map.

please let me know what u guys think.

mattkelly19914738d ago

I love BattleField. Its a really cool game. If you like that youll love Warhawk, alot. Its like that on crack. Pretty much instead of Countries for teams, there is two different people who live on the same country or something, I dont know it doesn't really go into that(beta). Theres Zones, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and all those have different sub-types I.E. Dogfight. This is definently a game worth getting, Im 99% satisfied and happy with it so far(Theres a couple things I wish they would add). I hope to see you out on the Battle Field! PSN ID: LuciferEx

Fart_Bubbles4738d ago

I played the Halo 3 beta all of 3 times and each time it was for like ten minutes, I kept saying to myself "so where's the next gen stuff?"
not to mention that the graphics are just atrocious.

on the other hand I have fired up Warhawk every single day since I got it. The graphics in this game just make me pause sometimes and go WOW.

DrWan4738d ago

cool man, thanks for the input. I thought the landscape of Warhawk looks kind of blah~, did the fixed it, but truely, i really dont care much for warhawk graphics bc it was meant to be a downloadable online game.

However, putting all hates aside, i think halo3 can do a better job on graphics (from video i have seem), and of course, ppl are saying its beta and some textures are just 'placeholders' i am hoping that is true as well.

I'll find out soon enough though.

Premonition4738d ago

Once you played a few full games, you just cant get enough :), I just wished the extended the beta for the times we really couldnt test out the game, but I guess im going to have to play real long and hard to get alot out of it.

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