I Am Alive Multiplayer Revealed?

Ubisoft hasn't revealed too much about I Am Alive since its announcement in 2008. One of many things they never told us about it is that it has multiplayer.

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Kalowest3330d ago

I think this game shouldn't have multiplayer.

EvilCackle3330d ago

I'm not sure HOW it would have multiplayer. It sounds very story-driven.

RKRigney3330d ago

I don't even know what it is.

NecrumSlavery3330d ago

It's a first person adventure. MP seems way out of place. Kind of a turn off.

Ninji3329d ago

Screw having replay value. I don't want any multiplayer in this game. Just make it so where I play the game once and never touch it again. Multiplayer is ruining gaming by giving me the option to have more replay value than I'd normally have. Stupid game developers.


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qface643330d ago

i forgot this game even existed

ruleroftekken3330d ago

It'll be interesting, but we haven't seen any gameplay whatsoever yet so it's hard to tell.

Deios3330d ago

This game should of been 3rd person.

DecoyOctopus3330d ago

i agree, but we haven't seen gameplay yet so it might be really cool in first person like Mirror's Edge maybe

EvilCackle3330d ago

I liked Mirror's Edge attempts to make first-person more physical. I wouldn't mind another game doing it. Third-person perspective only really does it for me with hack-and-slash or platforming.

SlipperyMooseCakes3330d ago

Every now and then I remember it and become excited again. I hope we get a lot of new information on this game soon. I would love to see it release this year, if it turns out to be good anyway.

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