Why Are You Watching The 2009 VGA's?

RespawnAction writes: "Why are you watching this years Video Game Awards? Do you even find these awards credible? I personally feel the awards are a bit biased, and I see that as a big problem this year as well. Yes, the winners are picked by us, the gamers, but even then can you really take the awards seriously? I for one am only watching for the debuts, and here is why..."

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guitarded773234d ago

I'm watching for the announcements...
New SW announcement - hoping for SWBF3

Government Cheese3234d ago

Thats my exact same reason guitarded

LordMarius3234d ago

Ok everyone should be watching it, to give them ratings.....why you ask?

BECAUSE I dont want to wait till GDC for new announcements, we will have announcements each year on Dec. it will be like a mini E3
so support it dammit.

THE MAX SPEED 213234d ago

yeah. I kinda agree with the Hype part of his argument. but yeah I always watch the VGAs i like the show and I'm hoping for some Good Games to be announced for all consoles.

MasFlowKiller3234d ago

Does anyone even care about there awards? its basically an excuse for gametrailers to expose the public to their special brand of stupidity, luckily they have some nice trailers

WildArmed3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

wait the VGA awards on today? o_O
if not, when is it?

Last time i watched VGA was Live streaming online. I couldn't be bothered to watch that stuff on my TV. Had my lappy running on max vol. so i could hear when the teasers come on lol

whothedog3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

F the VGA's

but I don't have cable so I can't watch it anyways.

I watched it last year too(but on my T.V.), and I couldn't remember why I hated it till I read your 2.1 comment haha, the teasers weren't worth watching all the fakeness and promotion. It was a weird set up with singers and celebrities for a gaming awards show, IMO.

RockmanII73234d ago

1 - 12 new games are supposedly being announced
2 - Halo Reach Trailer
3 - Possible unannounced announcements (lol)
4 - Everyone else I know is watching it too
5 - Boredom

Saaking3234d ago

I'm not, I'll just watch the "special" announcements on youtube or some other site. I can't stand to watch through this bs even if I tried.

Hisiru3234d ago

I won't watch it. I will wait for the news at N4G or another site. I saw it once and it's boring as hell.

ThanatosDMC3234d ago

I hope there's more info about Dead Rising 2.

HolyOrangeCows3234d ago

But I'm still watching for the debuts.

likedamaster3233d ago

That's easy, for all the new games being announced... Oh yeah, and the awards.

foxtheory3233d ago

It's not like they're from Gametrai-......oh yeah.

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Blaze9293234d ago

I'm not watching this crap. I'll just catch all the trailers literally 5 minute after they air on TV right here on this website.

I watched the VGAs last year and OMG, it's SO terrible.

WildArmed3234d ago

agreed. Really bad singers, really bad music, really bad dancers, really bad ceremony. .you get the point.
Glad the vids went up shortly.. It wasn't worth watch the stupid VGA for just teasers of games =/

PshycoNinja3234d ago

They didn't focus on the industry or the games enough. I acualy have hopes for this year. To tell the truth as long as they dont make it as "sexual" as last years and focus on the games more I'm all for it.

WildArmed3233d ago

lol black jack has a weird outlook on gaming =/

blue7xx73234d ago

I watch it for the exclusive unannounced games they show and videos of upcoming game like halo reach and that's what I care about I dont really care who wins any awards. But the announcements are pretty awesome you gotta admit.

respawnaction3234d ago

Yes they are awesome. I wrote that's the sole reason why I am watching them.

arsenal553234d ago

yeah i dont care about who wins.. i know itll be the crappy games that are more popular that win. not the BEST game. Ill watch for the new trailers and stuff

Unicron3234d ago

Hah, watch this trash? Won't be wasting my time.

OpenGL3234d ago

I can think of many things I'd rather watch than this.

raztad3234d ago

Like a good movie or just play some games. I'm sure any interesting info will be posted here just in matter of few seconds.

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