Hotly Anticipated Racing Games For 2010

2009 is over and there have been a number of decent racers. 2010 is nearby...does anyone smell Gran Turismo 5? Maybe Split Second? Definitely.

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IllusionRSN3295d ago

Nice list of racing games on this site!

Lord_Ranos3295d ago

Gran Turismo 5 will obliberate all the racing games in 2010.

chidori6663295d ago

Gran Turismo 5 ( megaton) >>>>> all others racing games in 2010


Perkel3295d ago

GT5 =

5 years of development , 1000 cars, 70 Tracks, livery customization, engine tuning, big online mode, 16 x 400k polygon cars on track, Most realistic racing console physic to date, full support of wide range of wheels.

What do you want more from racing game ?

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