NHL 08 First Look

After defeating Ottawa in five games to take the Stanley Cup Wednesday, Anaheim is the new king of hockey.

Well, EA Sports may have to disagree says IGN. NHL 08 will build on one of the most exciting sports videogame innovations in years -- the skill stick introduced in NHL 07. EA is looking to take the series to new heights with a new focus on skating, namely shaking defenders out of their dignity

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KoolMan4737d ago

A huge fan of hockey but eveytime i get a chance to play or see a game i love they way they hit eachother unto walls or start a Hstick fight

wolfgang4737d ago

Being Canadien (translation : Hockey being like a religion to me), this post just made my day :)

toughNAME4737d ago

same here!

screw the habs

go leafs go!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.