Superman Returns: The Videogame Impresions

Here is a look at the next-gen Superman game for the Xbox 360.

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TheXgamerLive5788d ago (Edited 5788d ago )

We'll see. The man of steel has alot of presure on him to be great this time out, not just good but great! The spiderman games have all been great even the dreamcast version was awesome. I still play it. So, to make just 1 great supe game is expected. If it's ok and only 4 hours to finish then well I'll just be pissed again. Nice visuals or not, lets see some fun game play that we can really get into. Online would be a major selling bonus but I dont see it happening this time out.

Jakens5788d ago

I have kept track of this game because I am a fan of Superman. I have heard many negitive comments reguarding past Superman games which I have not played. I am very happy about the recreation of 80 square miles of the city. That is a lot of area. In some interview with the developer, he said "The game will feature 50 large challenges that only Superman can face". In another interview he said, "The game length will be around 30 hours or so". In Game Informer Magazine, He said something like the game has been worked on for two years. But the game shown at E3 was only "40%" complete. That is the sad part. The game will ship on Oct 31 which will not be enough time to complete the other 60% the game has to go to completion. It could easily use another year in development. I bet someday that someone will make a worthy Superman game. This is a steping stone to that, which I will buy anyways. (Sorry for the long post)

TMoney5788d ago

...I'll save my 60 bucks! However, there is hope. Even horrible movies like, "The Chronicles of Riddick" were made into excellent video games, like, "The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butchers Bay". If the Superman Returns video game improves on the miscalculation of the movie, I will be pleasantly surprised.

Schmitty075788d ago

I actually enjoyed the Superman Returns movie

TMoney5788d ago

...but definitely not even close to the best, either. Bryan Singer is overrated. There were a lot of great ideas but the execution was pure rubbish. One example: Singer chose the original music by John Williams from "Superman: The Movie". An inspired choice, right? WRONG. Singer ruins that idea by choosing John Ottman, a hack composer, to basically f*%k up the brilliant original score.

Then there's the writing. A very good story, but the screeplay was, once again, pure rubbish. Great idea...poor exection. Some of the dialog was atrocious. Once again, we see some very good actors performing in a bad script. Where is Tom Mankiewicz when you need him?!

Everything about this movie was just a little off. But when you combine all the slight miscalculations...from directing, editing, writing, get a "close, but no cigar" attempt.

In the hands of a more capable director like James Cameron or Richard Donner, this movie could have been great. Instead, we are subjected to the usual mediocrity in this genre of films.

PS360PCROCKS5787d ago

you totally took that from a film critic

TMoney5787d ago

I would never pawn off the work of other writers' as my own. But thx for the compliment...I guess.
I still have a hard time grasping why people consider "Spider-Man" and/or "Spider-Man 2" as the best of the genre. Both films were good but will never be considered classics.
"Superman: The Movie", despite the somewhat dated sfx and the overly comical and cheesy depiction of Luthor, is still the best of the genre. No other film comes close.