Is the Wii a Threat to Hardcore Gamers?

The Wii has been a great success for Nintendo so far, but this success could have larger implications for the industry as a whole and the types of games created and marketed. The influx of new and casual gamers could potentially lead to the hardcore set getting less of what they crave.

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Ru4745d ago

Wii all know that the wii doesnt even show up on a hardcore gamerz radar.
And if it does its dismissed as a seagull!

ITR4745d ago

Thats odd because I know plenty of hardcore gamers that have Wii's.

I real gamer probably has all three consoles.

My next console will probably be a 360(with 65nm processors)..and then a PS3(still waiting on GT5 and rumble)

tonsoffun4745d ago

I completely agree -

A true hardcore gamer has all 3 platforms so they can have the best of all worlds.

While I do love my Wii, I do see the point in the article - we certainly do not want all games to be the mini game/party game variety. I like both the casual game, like Wii sports as I can play with my partner or my friends, but I also like the single player experiences too - like zelda, oblivion too.

We need this generation to be a close finish - as I think we will see true inovation between the companies to provide us with the best game experiences as possible.

F U N4G4745d ago

The biggest gamers are definately playing all wii games they get their hans on. If you are threatened by the wii, you have issues beyond gaming.

MK_Red4745d ago

I think Wii IS a threat to harcore gaming. Dont get me wrong, I do enjoy Rayman Raving Rabbids and some other kool Wii games like Elebits but the console selling in mass numbers and publishers thinking more of casual games. Halo, MGS and GTA wont die and will continue to exist but there will be much less original IP hardcore games (As if there are enough today!). Its good that Wii, a game console is selling so much. Problem is that the harcore consoles of PS3 and 360 are rather behind. I hope all 3 get to sell much better and prosper equally.

eques judicii4745d ago

If the wii wins by a large margin the level of progress that goes into the technology of gaming consoles will shrink... It also will drive away a lot of those great games that we love... replaced by minigames (meh)

if this happens I'll go back to PC gaming only--i can afford this too, finally have a real career ;-)

omansteveo4745d ago

I think its wierd that we here about the Wii selling awesome but nt the games like are third parties rollin in the dough or are they sittin back watchin Nintendo rack in boat loads of cash...I work at a Gamestop and Nothin on the Wii sells unless its Mario or Zelda...Talk about this is waiting the Wii is the same as the Gamecube yeah theres good games but its once every 8 months and it'll prolly have Mario in the title

anthonsh4745d ago

That will change soon. Nintendo is bringing back developers... A while back Ubisoft appologizing for releasing games that were of poor quality, it was on this website.

The reason Nintendo has been making all the money on their systems is because for a long time they were the only ones who really cared about their systems.

anthonsh4745d ago

Yes. An extreme threat. Now is a good time to panic. You're all doomed.

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The story is too old to be commented.