Original Nintendo/Sony PlayStation prototype found

The Sony PlayStation was, in the distant past, devised as a collaboration with Nintendo: a CD system that also played Super Famicom cartridges. The two parted ways in a less than amicable fashion before the system was produced, and then the PlayStation went on to become the system that Nintendo fanboys would simultaneously hate and own.

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gta_cb4746d ago

i agree, how much will this go for lol.

ITR4747d ago

Looks like a Sega Saturn.

The breakup caused the Sony Playstation and the Philips CDi.

PS360WII4747d ago

Here I thought the PS3 was big...

I kiiiiiid!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.-

Shadow Flare4747d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

is truely awesome. A videogame relic man. This was the start of the era when games became cool

marlec, i've never seen that video before lol. That was quite funny

Marcello4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

and with this era came another era known as S.A.P.S, nowadays more commonly known as 360 owners :)

Eldon34747d ago

That thing must be worth a fortune because there were probably only a handful ever made.

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