Gamervision: Does the First Dead Space 2 Image Reveal Isaac Clarke, Or New Female Character?

Gamervision: "Game Informer has the first official look at Dead Space 2 [via NeoGaf], and while the picture above is just concept art, it might be more telling than you think. Featured is an image of a character doing an acrobatic move in a mining suit like the one Isaac Clarke wore in the fist game, but there's actually no proof that the character is, indeed, Clarke. In fact, the figure looks a bit more slender, the chest of the outfit looks more... feminine? After a close look, this certainly looks like a female character in the suit, not a redesigned Isaac Clarke, meaning Game Informer might have a first look at the rumored multiplayer element of the sequel to the 2008 hit."

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Delta5280d ago (Edited 5280d ago )

Female 0_0?????

LOL Its a chest plate

ThanatosDMC5279d ago (Edited 5279d ago )

The armor is a bit slender and Isaac's armor is kinda fat for the the added armor platings. Maybe it's that other survivor? I hope it doesnt become RE5 with a mandatory co-op. Optional would be fine but a dumb AI that wastes bullets and health will kill it for me if it's during offline play.

But it's probably Isaac. Maybe a new sleeker armor for faster movement or death wish?

But i wonder why Isaac needs to fight them off again. Did they accidentally bring a necromorph with them and infected a whole other ship or colony? Just like in the movie.

Also, i hope they add more of a character to Isaac or if there's a new main character. Isaac never spoke, if i remember correctly. He was dead inside or was just crapping bricks everytime he saw monsters.

Bereaver5279d ago


You didn't finish the game and wait til the end?

If not, I'm not spoiling it, but yeah, you could sorta say there was some last minute problems.

ThanatosDMC5279d ago

I probably took a break after i finished it. I still want my trophies. I wonder how i could reset it so i can get it working again. Delete my game data and save file? I'll play it again a few weeks before Dead Space 2 comes out.

kunit22c5278d ago

please add some online VS in this game because fighting other people with sweet Dead Space guns would be sweet!

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young juice5279d ago

you haters isaac is a SPARTAN!


please don't jump on the multiplayer bandwagon....

please, please....

there are more then enough other games with multiplayer stuck on to remind me of why some games are best left without it.

Dead Space one didn't need it, 2 does not need it. just make the single player epic ! i hope this rumor does not turn out to be true.

LionheartAce5279d ago (Edited 5279d ago )

I just received my issue in the mail. They confirm multiplayer and some sort of Co-Op mode is hinted at.

Also this article is retarded. It's Isaac confirmed by both the issue and EA/Visceral.

Admiral_Benson5279d ago (Edited 5279d ago )

Bubbs+ to that.

Couldn't agree more.

Playing alone was what made DS so great, that feeling of being outnumbered and vulnerable with nobody around you to help is what created that constant sense of unease and dread.

Multiplayer just wouldn't provide that same feeling and imo co-op would just plain ruin the atmosphere! It's not needed and would be counter-productive for a game like this so why include it?

I think DS was one of the best new IP's this gen (and one of the best games in general for me!) and i absolutely loved it for going back to traditional survival horror roots. I just pray EA doesn't ruin it like Capcom did with the Res Evil series by going all balls-out action.

The DS universe and story arc has so much potential to become an amazing series of games as long as EA don't start veering away from what made it great in the first place. If it ain't broke don't fix it EA, Dead space is an awesome single player game, please keep it that way!

Solidus187-SCMilk5279d ago (Edited 5279d ago )

Every game is including these co-op survival games in them now. It seems like a good idea for DS 2. I may not even try it, all I know is Im getting it for its single player mode and am gonna finish it on the hardest mode.

It could get intense fighting off wave after wave of monsters as they keep on swarming and then you see your friends intestines get ripped out. It fits more with DS tham ANY other game I think. Dead space had THE most gruesome deaths for your character(Issac) in any video game ever. THey could make that a cool part of co-op survival mode, you get to see your buddies torn up by the necromorphs(thats the monsters name in DS right??). It would add to the intensity and could replicate the feeling in the game of being swarmed by ugly things.

I think that a competitive multiplayer mode would most likely not work too well. BUt who knows.

Enate5279d ago

I love the idea of some sort of co-op mode its one of the things me an my friends talked about before on Dead Space 1. Though like you said its all about an epic single player and the last thing I wanna see in Dead Space 2 is death match.

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Exias5279d ago

If the game developer really wanted a heroine, wouldn't you think her chest would be a little more prominent? How often do you see a female protagonist with small breasts? I'm still open to the idea of a new Samus.

riksweeney5279d ago

Elena from Uncharted doesn't have massive boobs (thankfully).

Anyway, it's obvious that it's Nicole

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EA Japan Exec Criticises Japanese Ratings Board

An executive of Electronic Arts Japan has criticised the Japanese video game ratings board for allowing upcoming action game Stellar Blade to be released uncensored while EA's own Dead Space was banned in the country.

CrimsonWing6930d ago

He’s got a point. If a game is M-Rated, which is the equivalent of an R rating, I don’t get why you need to censor anything. The rating is the indicator of the content and the age appropriate. If it’s appropriate for adults… why treat them like children? 🤷‍♂️

Eonjay30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

This is about gore... not about anything sexual. And specifically I think it is about the realistic depiction of gore. Unfortunately I don't know the nuance of the CERO board or how it is relevant their specific culture (as a prohibition on gore may transcend age) so I hesitate to make a statement. Can anyone else provide insight to what kind of gore is considered unacceptable?

CrimsonWing6930d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yea, I know this is about gore, but thanks for pointing that out.

My point still stands, if a game is essentially rated for a mature audience then why censor for them as if they’re too young to view it? Makes no sense.

To answer your question: Decapitation, dismemberment, like… anything gore. They have been censoring that since CERO was established. Look up RE4 chainsaw decapitation or any MK games that made it there.

Cacabunga30d ago

EA Japan? Wtf never heard of that

ZwVw30d ago

Yet, the Oneechanbara series (y'know, the game with half-naked samurai females slicing up zombies to bloody pieces) get released in Japan uncensored.

The CERO ratings board is an equilibrium.

Smellsforfree29d ago

This confuses me since I've seen so many gory Japanese movies and anime. For example, Battle Royale.

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gold_drake30d ago

definitely has a point.

but .. its japan. are we really surprised?